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2022 Baja SAE - Tennessee Tech

After a year working on our second four-wheel drive vehicle, CWRU Motorsports unveiled SR22 at the Tennessee Tech Baja SAE Validation Event. Before arriving to the competition, the team had already qualified for finals in the Sales event! The team arrived to competition with one of the most thoroughly tested vehicles in team history.

Due to some major vehicle changes for tech and a weather delay, we ran into severe time constraints for the dynamic events on Saturday. However, we still came away with a fourth place finish in acceleration out of 92 universities. We also placed fourth overall in design which is one of the best performances in team history.

In addition, we finished the endurance race for the first time in 4 years which was certainly exciting, good for 12th place. Based on results, we finished 12th overall standings which is a great result, especially with the difficulties we faced. Our car is in a great place and we are confident we will perform even better in New York next week having fixed all of the issues we ran into during the Tennessee event.

The team would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support, particularly the Case Alumni Association, Altium, BMT Aerospace, and Altair.

Key Results:

  • Acceleration: 4th Place

  • Design: 4th Place

  • Sales: Finalist, 5th Place

  • Static Overall: 5th Place

  • Endurance: 12th Place

  • Overall: 12th Place

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