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CWRU endures the muddy Kansas competition, has first-ever design finals appearance

CWRU Motorsports arrived with the largest roster in team history at the Baja SAE Kansas competition, held May 17-20 in Pittsburg, KS. The team's 20-member roster included several new members, who all had valuable experiences. For the first time ever, CWRU was one of eight teams selected to compete in the design presentation finals. Design leaders Tyler Eston, Nick Knorz, Geoff Svensson, and Caroline Felner represented the team in front of the design judges and a tent full of spectators. Their fantastic presentation earned the team a 3rd place finish in the Design event, another best-ever finish for CWRU Motorsports.

​Saturday's dynamic events began with severe weather incoming, and before the team had a chance to do acceleration and maneuverability runs an order was issued to evacuate the competition site until the weather cleared. When the events eventually resumed, the soaking wet track conditions prevented Model F from performing to the best of its abilities. CWRU placed 10th in Acceleration and in the top 25 for Sled Pull and Maneuverability. Before the team had a chance to attempt second runs, the events were ended early due to more incoming severe weather. This weather persisted until early Sunday morning, at which point it was doubtful that the endurance race would even be held. The event organizers decided to delay the start of the race and decrease the length to 2 hours. Tyler Eston (who missed his own commencement to race for CWRU) and Tom Filipovic got behind the wheel of Model F and took on the sea of mud that was once a race track. There was no traction and Model F's engine was destroyed after being flooded with mud and water. Model F was able to limp along until the end of the race, at which point it was filled with over 200 extra pounds of mud. CWRU finished 40th in the endurance race, and 22nd overall at the competition.

Tom Filipovic '20 giving the thumbs up after being drenched in mud early in the endurance race

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