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CWRU Motorsports completes the challenging season at Portland competition

Only a few days after returning from Kansas, the CWRU Motorsports team traveled across the country to compete against 96 teams at Baja SAE Oregon, held May 30-June 2 in Portland, OR. CWRU got off to another good start, with Model F passing tech inspection its first time through for the third time this season. The team had another excellent design presentation performance, placing 11th in the event. The Washougal MX Park where the competition was held featured the most demanding course of the season, making the dynamic events quite the challenge. CWRU placed 4th in Acceleration, 15th in Maneuverability, 24th in Hill Climb, and 34th in Rock Crawl.

The team was in a good overall position heading into the final day of the competition, as Clay Hamilton and Tom Filipovic were preparing to get behind the wheel of Model F in the endurance race. Clay began the race gridded in 4th position and got off to a great start, keeping Model F near the front of the pack for the first hour. Model F then got black flagged for a stuck-open throttle, and the team had to remove it from the race to repair it. After a quick repair, Clay got back out on the track, now working at catching back up to the leaders. He was able to gain significant ground during the next hour and the team was on pace to finish near the top. Both Clay and Model F took a beating from the brutal course, and at the halfway point Tom Filipovic took over. Soon after, damage that had been incurred earlier in the race resulted in the failure of Model F's left tie rod and the vehicle had to be towed off the track. The team was able to get Model F repaired and returned to the race with an hour remaining. CWRU finished 32nd in the endurance race, earning them an 18th place overall finish.