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CWRU Motorsports Finishes The 2015 Season Out West

In the end of May, ten members of the ​CWRU Baja team ​traveled to the Baja SAE Oregon competition held at Washougal Motocross Park for the third and final competition of the 2015 season. CWRU had a strong showing against 100 teams from the USA and abroad​, placing 20th in the day of dynamic events, and 35th in static events.

Unfortunately, unseen damage caused by the Rock Crawl event resulted in failure of the steering mount and a rear wheel hub during the 4-hour endurance race. The team worked together and was able to successfully repair the car and finish the race, earning 53rd place in Endurance. ​A few of the highlights ​from​ the weekend include:

8th in Sales

17th in Maneuverability

18th in Rock Crawl

23rd in Design

This was a record-setting season for the team; attending all three official Baja SAE competitions for the first time in the team's history, and placing in the top 20 overall at one of them. With each competition our team gained more experience, and was able to build on previous competitions. This year's design incorporated new CVT tuning technology, suspension geometry, brakes system, agile differential, reverse-shifting mechanism, and a compact, lightweight frame. We are very proud of the work that was put into the car, and its abilities in competition.

This was the last official competition for three of our seniors. They all devoted a great deal of time and work to the growth and development of our team. While the team will be sad to see them leave campus, we fully expect to keep in touch and see them again soon. We look forward to making them and all our alumni proud with the 2016 season of Baja SAE. The work has already begun!

Team members from left to right: Isaac Shyu, Tyler Eston, Kevin Miller, Linda Relson, Nick Bi, Tristan Dudik, Ben Ault, Daniel Simmons, Alex Letwin, CJ Valle, and Faculty Advisor Rich Bachmann.

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