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Record Setting Weekend for CWRU Motorsports in the California Desert!!!

In April, the CWRU Motorsports team returned to Gorman, California, the site of 2016's May competition with our new car "Model E". "Model E" is an iteration of last year's car "Model D" but with improved rear suspension and drive-train and brakes. The competition got off to a great start with 6th place finish in sales and a 15th place finish in design. Saturday featured the team passing brake check on the first try and the team moving on the dynamic events acceleration, hill climb, and maneuverability. The team finished 14th in acceleration, 29th in hill climb, and an all-time best 6th place in maneuverability. With the dynamic events completed it was onto the grueling 4-hour endurance race on Sunday. "Model E" cruised its way to a best ever 4th place finish in the Endurance race by completing an impressive 34 laps! At the end of the competition with all the scores tallied up CWRU Motorsports finished 9th overall and cracked the top 10 for the first time in the history of the team. We will get to be car #9 at the first competition next year for our record achievement this year.

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