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The First Competition

The team successfully built a car that passed technical inspection and competed in the first Baja SAE competition of 2016, hosted by Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, Tennessee. The competition started bright and early with a Sales presentation at 8 am on April 14. On Friday, the 15th, the team's car weighed in at an impressive 303 pounds, before the team presented the design of the vehicle to more than 18 judges. On Saturday, the team tackled many challenges included a complicated maneuverability maze, rough suspension & traction course, and sled pull. The best place that the team earned on Dynamics day was 4th in the Acceleration event with a time of 4.522 seconds! Sunday's Endurance Race track was great and featured several large drops, trenches, jumps, moguls, rocks, logs, and more.

The event highlights for the team also included placing:

21st in Design

24th in Sales

30th in Maneuverability

30th in Suspension

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